The winemakers and vintners

They share a common passion for things well done.

The winemakers we work with are valuable partners.

Wilfried Valat

La Nouvelle Don(n)e - Roussillon

Estate founded in 2007, on the last heights of the Col de la Done, on one of the wildest territories of the south of France: Calce.

The estate has participated in several collaborations of L’Envin cuvées.

Jérémy Dupraz

Domaine Dupraz - Savoie

The Dupraz estate operates a vineyard of 10 ha located on the foothill of the Chartreuse massif, with lyre-shaped trellised vines.

Henri Duporge

Château Le Geai - Bordeaux

The estate, which has been biodynamic for more than 10 years, works the soils with horses and uses only very slightly sulfur – Ecocert and Demeter certified .

Claude Airaud-Cabel & Philippe Chigard

La Table Rouge - Loire

1 long table in the middle of the vineyards; 2 garden growers, Claude and Philippe; 3 cheers for an extraordinary garden; 4 microplots plowed by
5 draft horses.

Raphaël Baissas

Nada / Vandal Wine - Roussillon

Inspired by artistic and musical influences, Nada produces atypical and unique wines that break free from the rules.

Alexandre Giquel

Huit-Launay - Loire

In Vouvray Alexandre Giquel vinifies chenin, côt and gamay without chemical input to produce high-level wines. And it has ony been two years since he started!

David Large

David Large Vigneron - Beaujolais

Poet, blogger, photographer and above all winemaker, 1986 vintage’s David Large is great great grand-son of a winegrower. What he wants: to make honest wines. What he does: shake up Beaujolais.

Cyrille Sevin

Cyrille Sevin - Loire

Located in Mont-près-Chambord, Cyrille, independent winemaker on 10 ha, produces wines in AOC Cheverny. This former math teacher took over this field in 2007 and has been leading his vineyards in biodynamics since 2013.

Michel Bedouet

Domaine Bedouet - Muscadet

Each plot of the Bedouet estate is worked with the same attention. The philosophy is to produce true wines with beautiful minerals: live, fresh and sharp wines.

Philippe Richy

Domaine Stella Nova - Languedoc

If the wines of the estate bear the names of stars, it is because Philippe Richy is passionate about astronomy. It is also to remind us that there are strong links between our land and its cosmic environment.

Audrey Chassenard

Domaine Salisquet - Sud-ouest

One of the first winemakers in Buzet to start organic ten years ago, she converted the 10 hectares of family plots.

Anne and Pierre-André Déplaude

Les Déplaude de Tartaras - Rhône / Loire

Farmers & winemakers: living to the rhythm of the soil and the climate, working in symbiosis, as naturally as possible, in order to cultivate and not exploit the land.

Buisine Family

Domaine Longue Tubi - Provence

Certified organic wines, alternating between mechanical work and weeding according to the seasons; the use of chemical herbicides is excluded.

Céline and Frédéric Gueguen

Domaine Gueguen

The vines are located both in the vineyard Chablisien and in the vineyard of Auxerrois; the domain practices sustainable agriculture in its vineyard.

Thorsten Melsheimer

Domaine Melsheimer - German Mosel

The Melsheimer family has been cultivating biodynamic vineyards for 20 years on vertiginous slopes.


Italian Winemakers

L’Envin is ViniMariani’s partner and agent in the Paris / Ile-de-France region. More than 25 domains represented, from Piedmont to Sicily, and no less than 120 cuvées selected one by one by 3 very endearing enthusiasts …

Diaita Hedeos

Spanish Winemakers

L’Envin offers the wine catalogue of Diaita Hedeos in the Paris area, a selection of exceptional wines from the Mediterranean region, combining organic farming and natural winemaking.